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Gallery Momo , St. Jacobs Ontario

Some of my paintings are now represented at Gallery Momo located in St. Jacobs Ontario    Contact information at www.artsimic.com

Red DOT Art Fair Miami 2012

Red DOT Art Fair Miami 2012 I will have my art displayed at this world renown art fair.      

Solo Exhibition December 1-31 2012

Coming up My Solo Exhibition at Toronto Public Library Northern District December 1-31 2012 Toronto Public Library Northern District Branch

My paintings displayed for viewing – Lawrence Frame

Currantly some of my paintings can be viewed at Lawrence Frame Gallery located at 3223 Yonge St. Tel.416.488.2626

Sergey Filatov

     I am excited  to share with you works of a talented Russian artists Sergey Filatov. I was fortunate to work with Sergey in the past and consider his art extraordinary and admirable.  http://www.sergeyfilatov.com/  

International Contemporary Masters art book Volume 6

Recently I have been approached by a curator of a publishing company and suggested to submit my works for inclusion in volume 6 of International Contemporary Masters  art book, that will be published at the end of year 2012. I am very excited to have been juried  and chosen to be one of the artists… read more

New Painting

Reflecting on my stay in Vienna last fall, I decided to paint a motif, that I especially admired… The buildings on Hafnersteig fascinated  me with their unusual structure. I loved the harmony of geometry and  softness in color of those old houses…Grey hues helped me to set the mood of a painting that I called… read more

Now linked to Artists Toronto web site

Recently I have submitted my website to Artists Toronto and am honored to have been accepted. Group of Toronto artists who are dedicated to provide art purchasers, corporate art buyers, interior designers and art lovers easy access to the original work of a wide variety of Toronto artists. The quality of the work on the… read more


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